Bike Path Specter

Oddly enough my insomnia has led me to being in some interesting situations. Often times they aren’t dangerous. This past spring and early summer, I got hit with a really bad bout of insomnia.

Before I continue however I should mention that this isn’t the usual ghost story…

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Bad Roommate/don’t play with spirits

Real talk, I lived w/ this really toxic unhealthy white dude for a short period of time with my ex. He would do shit like disappear for several days and call us to demand bill money that didn’t make sense, also he regularly stole stuff from people’s houses (he was a mover), he also built a fort out of couches of which there were six, made out apt into a maze (it was small and one bedroom but he did it) and put black lights in all the lights. A real piece of work I tell ya.

Anyways we got a Ouija board mind you the rest of the ppl living there were white and we loved right next to a graveyard. I done told those crackers “this is an awful idea”. Nobody listened, I gave them explicit rules #1 was “invite nothing to stay or interact, and do not do this alone”.

For a few weeks I thought everything was good until I started having nightmare, Nick (the dangerous rm) started acting weirder and weirder. One day my ex and I got home while walking past the little tent that Nick and his gf had built around their bed I looked over at the couch, and there was a literal physical entity on one of the couches. He was shadowy like grey sepia tone. But visible enough that I could see the outlines of his clothes. So like I was always told I turned away and pretended I didn’t see anything, it turned and fucking looked at me.

I ran into the room grabbed the table the Nick had turned into a Ouija board. Grabbed the salt and my travel alter bag, made a circle around my ex, the table and my supplies. Around that time the whole apt walls and all started wubbing like they had base in them. I went to start cleansing the table and cutting this things tie to it, and Ash started falling from the ceiling. It didn’t come from anywhere I had lit no candles and fucking ash fell.

Once I got through my make shift banishment the walls stopped throbbing. I packed up my shit and we went to my dad’s.

The next day Nick called and asked where we had gone, we told him the story, he asked us to come over and retell it. After which he starts yelling at both of us cause “that shit isn’t real”. Out of the corner of my eye in broad daylight I see that things face stretching out of the dry wall like it’s trying to break through. I told them we had to stop cause he was trying to come back. Nick’s white Satan ass said “Perfect negativity draws him in”. This asshole had been calling this thing and recording him for weeks and was pissed “kicked it out without asking”.

Needless to say we moved out that week. But that thing followed us home to my dad’s house. It took a year of regular meditation and smoke cleansing to get it to go away. He followed a friend who moved in with us then back to his parents and after that I don’t know where he went.

Yeah a roommate got me haunted. I have no fear of the dead, but there are some spirits that have never been dead, or inhabited this world as we understand it, corporeally. Also what is it with White folk and ouija boards???? Like just follow the damn rules.

 Helping Becomes Vice// Healthy Boundaries 

Some of us are of the disposition where we like to help people. It seems like a perfectly good plan until it becomes of personal detriment. Now you may ask “HOW COULD HELPING PEOPLE EVER BE BAD!?” To that I would say “”Have you actually met people? We are bastards”.

It’s true that when in doubt humanity often times manages to take advantage of us all, and in some cases when you give too much, you really just played yourself.

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Penny Magic

My whole life I has always believed in picking pennies up for luck. As I’ve grown older and become more aware of myself spiritually I find that copper in the form of pennies holds a lot of significance to me.

My dad (the guy who actually raised me not my bio parent) always brought pennies to funerals when I was a kid. He told me it was a visage of both his Sicilian and Scottish heritage, a way to pay the Ferryman or Gatekeeper. People who are especially significant also get a gold dollar.

These days my alter is predominately nature and Buddha focused. While I consider myself a pantheist I follow Zen Buddhism as my personal philosophy and guidance. I place pennies I find on that alter to be cleansed and blessed.

Recently I have been using pennies as a focus for my spells and such. Whisper my desire be it blessing or curse and flicking it in the direction I need it to go. Like for example my new house. I told the penny I wanted this place and threw it from my car window into the yard. I got the call the next day. I think this goes to show that we cannot ignore the mundane and extraordinary folk traditions and superstitions. I waited for no moon, gathered no ingredients, burned no herbs. I just flicked a penny. You don’t have to have a fancy aesthetic to cast the way you want.

The Least Worst Translation

The idea of  “The Least Worst Translation,” {LWT} was introduced to me by a philosophy professor my junior year in college. Prof V, was teaching an aesthetics class and choice to focus on the aesthetic traditions of China and the concept of  “dan,” which for the purpose of the book we were reading was translated to “Blandness.” The discussion that followed was mostly about how some words, are so conceptually and contextually integral to a culture that unless you are a part of, or have lived in for an extended period of time you just don’t get it. Translation is the art of doing your damnedest to translate, most reasonably words like this.

Later during my own meditations and reflections of the English language, it’s dialects and the intersections of my cultures. This concept applies to the larger discussion on systematic racism, appropriation, and our particular distaste for dialects spoken by POC (i.e. Spanglish, AAVE, and etc). However, another issue is that the culture of marginalized people is expected to comply with the language and tolerance of whatever colonizing entity restricts them. Often times when a marginalized community takes a concept from their culture and does their best to translate it, in this case to English, settlers, as they often do, settle and take the word or phrase back and bastardize it’s actual meaning.

For Example:

Words/concepts like: big chop, natural hair, smudging, two spirit, &spirit animal. These belong to Black and Indigenous because even in English they are our culture.

Words for these concepts. However due to permanent displacement & mass genocide, we lost some stuff& weren’t allowed to use our own culture. Therefore, in order to explain these things we use our colonially forced languages to best describe& stream line these practices/concepts it doesn’t often even describe things well, just in a way so that an idea can be generally “gotten”. As best as possible. Also some concepts and cultures are closed so these are brief filler words to get ya’ll to mind your own damn business. They are also laden with historical context, political background and so forth. Big Chop & natural hair are less about going product free & more about a public display of Blackness the white folk literally kill us for. Two Spirit is a cultural role held by some First Nations people they fall so far out of European binary and conceptualization/ceremony/responsibility that we all had to find one phrase to conform to. Same with Spirit Animal, could be family, could be clan, could be awarded, could be a rite of passage, could be a deity. W/ nearly 600 nations. You bet your ass you are missing some specific and important context.If you don’t belong to that Nation, it ain’t ya business; so we use these LWTs cause we gotta communicate, cause we are forced to plead our humanity& conform to languages not our own.

Basically if you are handed the crap hand that is to exist as a marginalized culture in a colonized world. We work with what we got and still manage to have our innovations taken and bastardized. Don’t be that guy.