Penny Magic

My whole life I has always believed in picking pennies up for luck. As I’ve grown older and become more aware of myself spiritually I find that copper in the form of pennies holds a lot of significance to me.

My dad (the guy who actually raised me not my bio parent) always brought pennies to funerals when I was a kid. He told me it was a visage of both his Sicilian and Scottish heritage, a way to pay the Ferryman or Gatekeeper. People who are especially significant also get a gold dollar.

These days my alter is predominately nature and Buddha focused. While I consider myself a pantheist I follow Zen Buddhism as my personal philosophy and guidance. I place pennies I find on that alter to be cleansed and blessed.

Recently I have been using pennies as a focus for my spells and such. Whisper my desire be it blessing or curse and flicking it in the direction I need it to go. Like for example my new house. I told the penny I wanted this place and threw it from my car window into the yard. I got the call the next day. I think this goes to show that we cannot ignore the mundane and extraordinary folk traditions and superstitions. I waited for no moon, gathered no ingredients, burned no herbs. I just flicked a penny. You don’t have to have a fancy aesthetic to cast the way you want.


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