Black Magic & Poorly coded language

It’s been a long hard road as a woman of color in witch craft. Lemme tell ya. It is actually the reason I decided to open up to how I feel about this this topic.

You see “Black Magic,” is often portrayed with some fairly, and poorly coded racist tones. Many things like use or bones, zombies, blood sacrifices, speaking in tongues and etc… You know stuff you see on tv before and “evil” witch appears, is a really obvious way to demonize African based practices, such as Brujera, Santeria, Vodou, Rootwork, and Hoodoo. Even the word “Black,” should have been a tip for those newbies who haven’t quite caught up on thinly veiled racism in all communities, but also sadly ours as witches. Your personal practice is your business of coarse, but there is no denying that the continued demonetization of Afro-witchcraft is just racism. Plenty of other pagan religions use blood, bone, curses, and all the things deemed ‘icky,’ by some people. Seriously the Celts, Vikings, pre-Islamic Persians, everybody has practices in their origin craft that many consider unsavory.

Do not fall into the trap of moral relativism when it comes to your opinions on how people “should” practice anything. If you think animal sacrifice is cruel, well I have bad news for you, animal sacrifices are often eaten by the community. Many places where such things are practices don’t have our privileges of food access, so these ceremonies not only build and bind together communities but provided communal sustenance. Most importantly, if you come from the group of people who benefit off of what is hundred of years of oppression, transatlantic slave trade, and labor, you should really mind you own when in comes to judging the “morality” of other practices. Read up on the history and origin of these practices rather than passing judgement of face value, because while some people’s ancestors are not for you to call on, understanding and education is for everyone.

Don’t fall prey to basic ignorance and when people say things like “THAT’S BLACK MAGIC!” check and see if that is thinly veiled language for “Black people practice it and are savages.” Nine times out of ten if the imagery provided is also African coded, that’s racist and you have fallen into the trap of ignorance. Do not connotate my people with evil and ignorance. It is a false assumption, and if you gain any brief knowledge or desire to do research, than I have done my job to try and dispel ignorance.

The only time I want to hear about black magic, is when it is literal Black Girl Magic.


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