And Other Millennial Tragedies

I am a millennial. Frankly I love it, we live in a faced paced era where news spreads fast, revolutions are home grown, and pick up speed in time spans that used to take months to years. The tragedy that is attached to the title of my generation is that just as fast as information and movement spread so does blame. I have seen many complaints made about people of my age group, that if you put about two seconds of thought in, are fucking ridiculous. Headlines like: Millennials are Ruining Traditional Gender Roles, Millennials Care Too Much About Political Correctness, Millennials Cause the Downfall of Golf! Let’s be honest; those constructs and the things that enable them are deadly and oppressive. Even while Gen X’ers and Baby Boomers incessantly complain about our failings, I will be the first to remind you that I, and many like me, haven’t even been alive long enough to fuck the world up as much as it is currently fucked.

However, in the short period of time we have managed to claw an impoverished, debt ridden living out of our Romanesque and collapsing society, we have been kicking ass. Especially the Brown/Black folk. I will remind you know that in a few short years Millennials, many of whom are Brown/Black and Queer, have been dragging the constructs that our parents and grandparents were complacent in attacking, out into the street and back to hell where they belong. Black Lives Matter, Idle No More, Dreamers, and what I will call the Siege at Standing Rock, all have leaders predominantly of the Millennial Generation, and often are women or femmes. So, no, I will not quiet down, or falsely admit shame while I wage a political and social war to protect the generations that come after me, rather than blaming them for being stuck in the mire I mixed. We are the reason that there is less silence on Mass Deportations, the Genocide in Palestine, the legal police open season on Black people, and continued occupation of Indigenous identities and land. We are the pushers for reasonable healthcare. You are welcome by the way, – you and your crusty racist granddaddy who is about to have his chemo taken away. My generation didn’t do this, but we are actively fighting against it.

And no shade to those who came before me, but the fact that you managed to live and possible out live me, doesn’t make you my elder. It means you got lucky. The title of Elder is earned and I will default to those who are wiser and older than myself when they actually are, not when someone gets lucky enough to grow gray hair.


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