True Horror: Get Out ( possible spoiler alert)


Get Out, we waited, we listens, and upon it’s release we watched. Jordan Peele’s genius has now carried over cross genre into his first film.

Let me be honest as a mixed Black woman, dating white people can literally be terrifying. This movie helped me to work out what in the depth of my interaction with white people is so scary. It is because it is so unassuming, you let your guard down and are led into insidious places, where a seemingly supportive partner, suddenly becomes silent in their allyship. (thanks be to the gods my current partner for not being this person tbh). Unsettling comments lurk behind back handed comments, or jokes, not obvious enough, and not loudly proclaiming bigotry. It creeps up to you like a specter leaving you pointing and screaming at wisps like a person possessed, and often that is the treatment you receive . Even your lover unbelieving of the ghost that stalks you, dismissive of your knowledge that something is very wrong. Light weight racism. People of color who date white people or even non NBPOC, anti Blackness lurks around us all the time. The funny thing is it never becomes less unsettling, it simply wears on you until the day you die or frankly are killed. Their can be no misstep in our caution, no comfortable trips in white company.

What is to be more greatly feared would have to be the “Not Racist,” whites of the world. Not being a perpetrator of racism is simply not good enough. Frankly as this movie suggests it is the passive nature of “not racist” whites that is what to be most deeply feared. The blind art collect was “not racist,” but was not actively anti racist enough to free Chris. Still flaunting his privilege over Chris, why did this man who lacked talent even before the development of his blindness deserve Chris’s body? Not only does Jim Hudson think that he deserves to impose himself over Chris in order to use his body, but frankly he operates under a very Eurocentric ideology that Chris’s talent is something he is born with. Only Whites have the mental capacity and fortitude to train themselves to a skill.

That is to say most white people see Black excellence as something to be bred for, that we are not capable of cultivating and honing talents. White people such as Jim Hudson or Grandpa Armitage, assume that some great wrong has been done to them because the “worked hard,” and therefore deserve reward. When a Black person surpasses a White one there could be no reason other than that they have some innate advantage, some genetic upper hand. So White folk feel wronged, and that as seen in the plot of the it becomes dangerous and despite their overwhelming privileges, as seen in the socioeconomic status and class of the Armitages, nothing is good enough. They must also have talents they haven’t rightfully worked for, they are for some reason owed. That is the horror of living in a society like ours.

Jordan Peele did so well with point to both sides of the aisle the kind of issues Black people face everyday. By making White people outright villains there can be no doubt that the horrors that followed through out the film was a result of their greed and inhuman action. While leaving Black people hints of the small horrors we deal with every day, giving us the satisfaction in the end of this film, so regularly denied to us off screen.


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