Reflections on Call Out Culture

Surprising enough one of the best aspects of our media drenched fast paced culture, is public call-outs. Now it is my personal experience that those who say COC (call out culture) is toxic, are the ones often hiding something. It has always been worse to name an abuser than actually be the abuser. Mostly because it is so savagely uncomfortable to have to admit that you or someone in your circle has done wrong.

However to put power back into the hands of those who have been wronged. Even though we still suffer the scrutiny of abuse sympathizers and defenders. Which is no different when we a forced into silence or quelled by our complacent or embarrassed family members/friends. All abuse survivors want is our power back <or at least I do> . Having social media to be able to do so is nice, not safe, no it is never safe. But it is a slight buffer. A space large enough to make all aware of secret truths, the openness is at least somewhat freeing. Frankly, the backlash I got after having my private business aired, is nothing compared to the out-pour of sympathy and support I received once I fully opened up about my experience.

Call outs may not be helpful or good for some people I am not saying every abuse survivor should or has to do it. Rather the option is much better than the traditional alternative of suffering silently, or being again forced or made powerless. It also creates a culture that will in the future discourage people from being abusers or around abusers, it creates true accountability in a realm where only the survivor is made accountable. Accountable and shamed. Which is frankly a backwards.

Make abusers accountable.